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Weekly Pregnancy Update: Week 12 Big News!

Posted by: Maggie

Okay so we didn’t get around to taking a photo this week. We had a busy weekend and this week the baby is the size of a plum, and plums are not in season, and we didn’t have any other food in the house that is plum sized. I know, excuses, excuses. But I do have something even better than photos of me! Photos of the Baby!

full body

face in profile

The Week in Pregnant
We had a 12 week ultrasound on Tuesday. The doctor said that everything is looking great. It is a real baby in there, not some sort of alien creature. So that was good news. And we found out that we are having a BOY! Which is just crazy and a little unexpected. Neither of us have any idea what to do with a boy! So that will be all new and exciting and and we’ll have no use for most of Eleanor’s clothes and things that we saved.

Aside from that I’ve been feeling mostly okay. I had a migraine that lasted two days and I was up sick and throwing up all night both of those days, so that was super fun. And then just as that ended I had two bad nights of sciatic pain that kept me from sleeping again. So, I’m exhausted as usual, but feeling better again. Hopefully this week will be better.

Cravings of the Week

None actually, I was feeling so bad that food has just not sounded very appetizing.

Tears of the Week

I was actually having a surprisingly, unemotional week. Maybe I was just feeling too sick to feel weepy too.

Baby Brain Moments of the Week

I sat and stared at the computer for like 5 minutes the other day, trying to remember what I needed to do. Not a good work day.

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