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My Maternity Portraits & the Third Trimester in Review

Posted by: Maggie

Well, since my due date is just ten days away I figure it’s about time for an update! I also want to show off my Maternity Portraits!

Earlier this month, we packed our bags for a road trip from L.A. to the Bay Area to have my friend Denise of Modern Love Photography shoot my Maternity Portraits. As a photographer, I’m very, very picky about who I trust to photograph me, especially for something like Maternity Portraits which takes some serious skills to pose and flatter a woman. Having seen some of Denise’s recent Maternity work, I knew she was the photographer for me.

I was so right! Not only did I have a great time with Denise and her team, but I am IN LOVE with my images! They are really just so gorgeous. I feel so, so beautiful at a time when I’m feeling far more uncomfortable than attractive.

Which leads me to my third trimester review. This trimester has actually been the best for me. I think that I’m finally used to my new pace of life. Before getting pregnant I was used to working ALL THE TIME. I woke up early and stayed up late. But there’s nothing like growing a person to slow you down. Even if I wanted to work as much as I did, I just don’t have the physical stamina for it.

My body is working super hard to grow a new little person, which makes me feel like I just had a workout, when in fact I just sat on the couch watching Grey’s Anatomy. I’ve given up feeling like I have to do everything and Josh has taken over more of the household stuff which is nice. I’m sleeping late and napping in the afternoons. It’s actually pretty nice. So the upside is that I’ve finally found a little more balance in my life, although as you can see from the infrequency of posts here, that I am dropping a little more than I’d like to.

Cue nude photos:

On the upside, I finally got the energy to start nesting over the last month or so. I was a little afraid that it wouldn’t happen. I was ready for Eleanor months in advance, but with this pregnancy I just haven’t had the urge to prepare. I suppose I’m so busy with my business and Eleanor that I just haven’t had the time to think about it.  But I finally got to work and as of about a week ago we are completely prepared. Or as prepared as we can be. We’ve got a bassinet in our bedroom, and the crib set-up in Eleanor’s room. All of our baby gear and clothes are out and cleaned and put away.

And overall I’ve just been feeling better. Mostly less aches and pains. My body has gotten a little more used to the extra weight, so I’m not as physically miserable even though I feel more physically awkward than ever. I can barely reach my feet with this stomach in the way, so I have to wear slip-ons because I can’t tie the shoe laces on my converse. But I’m actually generally feeling okay.

But I am having heartburn all the time, especially when I lie down to sleep at night. I’m going through TUMS like they’re candy. And there’s also the having to get up to pee all night. My record so far is four times in one night, but on average it’s twice a night.

The baby is still kicking up a storm. Although he’s so big now and there’s very little room, it’s more like he’s kneeing and elbowing me all the time. But he’s sleeping more like a newborn now, so there are longer periods where I get a little break from all the activity.

We’re finally getting used to the idea that a new little person will be moving in with us. It’s taken a little longer for it to feel real for Josh since he doesn’t have a moving baby in his belly. But now he talks to the baby every night before we go to sleep.

We think we’ve chosen the name, but we’re keeping it to ourselves. For some reason when people ask you what you’re naming the baby they take it as an invitation to offer their negative opinion of that name as if you were asking their advice, or asking them to convince you that you don’t really like that name after all.

So you’ll all have to wait to find out what Baby Boy Keegan Gross will be called! But hopefully you won’t be waiting very much longer! It’s just 10 days to the due date and I’m hoping he’ll be just like his big sister and show up a week early!

I’m Huge! the Second Trimester in Review

Posted by: Maggie

Yikes! I haven’t given you all a pregnancy update in forever! Sorry guys! I just don’t have the energy these days to do everything that I normally keep on top of. I’ve been waiting to finally get around to taking new photos. Yeah, I gave up on that weekly photo thing. It was a fun idea, but honestly ended up being more of a pain that it was worth, especially with the holidays. So you’ll have to put up with some occasional photos from here on out!

So this week, 27 weeks pregnant and the first week of my third trimester, I finally took a couple self-portraits. Because finding time when Josh and I both have a minute and aren’t exhausted is next to impossible. Please excuse my pantslessness, but it’s hard to show how truly enormous my belly now is with pants covering it up. Also, I’m kinda cute without any pants!

So lets catch-up! I haven’t updated you all since the last week of my first trimester. Where I last left off I was tired, having migraines, finally getting over morning sickness, and just starting to feel little flutters of baby movements!

Well, the second trimester was much better than the first although still not totally awesome. The migraines have gone away which is so, so nice! I got some energy back, but am still pretty exhausted all the time. I guess that’s to be expected with a four year old to take care, a house to keep up, and a business to run and I also haven’t been sleeping very well.  It’s a pretty big change from my last pregnancy though. Last time I had a lot of energy in the second trimester, I was in school full time, working part-time, shopping for baby stuff, and hanging out with friends. Oh well, new baby, new kind of pregnancy.

The baby is also kicking up a storm these days. It seems like he is constantly moving, stretching, punching and kicking my insides. I feel him all day long. It’s really kinda fun and amazing. And always a little weird to know that there is a tiny person swimming around inside of me.

More new fun has also showed up in trimester two! I started gaining weight finally. And I started having a lot of hip, back and more sporadic sciatic pain.  I didn’t get any of this until late in my last pregnancy. But they do say that everything happens earlier in your second pregnancy. It’s not miserable, but it makes it hard to sleep comfortably. My hips hurt every time I shift in my sleep, which wakes me up. It’s also hard for me to sleep on my side. I’m a stomach sleeper, and not being able to sleep normally is tough.

Okay, I’m making pregnancy sound kinda miserable right? I don’t want to be a complainer or discourage anyone from getting pregnant, BUT I do want to be honest about it. It is physically difficult. Probably much more so for me because I’m just a tiny 4′11″ and carrying the same size load as women who are much taller than me. My insides get smooshed, my belly sticks super far out causing back pain, and there is a lot of pressure on my poor hips. I’m sure that my disability makes things harder too (for those of you who haven’t been reading Cranky forever, I was born with a disability which causes lower muscle tone, some joint pain and other little issues, you can read more about it in this post). I think that average height women without disabilities have a much easier time physically with their pregnancies.

But, of course, there are a lot of other little physical ailments that every pregnant woman has to deal with from morning sickness to heartburn to labor pain.  It may all sound terrible, but honestly what’s nine or so months of discomfort, and a few hours or a day of pretty bad pain to put up with when you get a baby in the end. An amazing little person to love and take care of that will change your life forever in so many amazing ways. It’s completely worth it! I swear!

Okay, now I’m rambling so I’ll leave it at that and I’ll try to update you all every couple of weeks through the rest of the pregnancy. And I might even include some photos with my head in them!

Weekly Pregnancy Update: Week 14

Posted by: Maggie

First of all, this is last weeks update. So sorry for the delay. I’ve been getting very busy at work and my hard drive is full up, so I’ve been spending alot of time clearing out old photos before I can upload any new.

I also want to apologize for the lack of posts over the last couple weeks. On top of being busy, I’ve still been pretty tired so I’ve been dropping a lot of things lately. But I’m getting some energy back, so I’m going to try to get back on my regular posting schedule this week! I have a whole week of great posts planned for you. So, please stick with me!

The Week in Pregnant

I had another pretty good week. Still tired, and I had another migraine, but beside that mostly good. Nothing really new baby wise.

Cravings of the Week

  • Still craving candy and ice cream, and soda, pretty much anything sweet.

Tears of the Week

  • Stevie Wonder on the radio singing “I Just Called to Say I Love You”

Baby Brain Moments of the Week

  • I’ve just had general issues concentrating, and remembering words. I feel like I can’t carry on a normal conversation anymore.

More fun and new baby-food size comparisons next week!

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