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Christmas Eve 2010

Posted by: Maggie

As usual we spent Christmas Eve with my Dad and his side of the family.

We went to my Dad’s house in the afternoon for drinks, appetizers, and gift exchanging.

The gifts were mostly wine and gift cards! The best kinds! Except for Eleanor, of course!

She got an awesome Tinkerbell doll, which she is already obsessed with! And a rad Tinkerbell backpack!

After my Dad’s we headed to my Aunt’s house for dinner with the extended family. I managed to get my cousins to wrangle all their girls together for a second-cousins photo! It took forever to get them all together. The bigger girls were very cooperative, but Eleanor and Mia (who is just 4 months older that Eleanor) were partners in crime and kept escaping every time we put them in place!

We had to take a separate boys second-cousins photo because it was so difficult to get the girls to cooperate.

Until this visit Eleanor and Mia had pretty much ignored each other at every family function. Christmas Eve they finally discovered each other and immediately became the very best of friends!

Come to Sunset in the Vineyard!

Posted by: Maggie

I have been a member of Assistance League Santa Clarita for almost a year now. They are a national charitable organization started in Los Angeles in the 1890s and now have local chapters all across the country. A little while back I posted over at Maggie Keegan Gross Photography some promo photos I did for their fall fundraiser Sunset in the Vineyard.

Well, the tickets for Sunset in the Vineyard are now on sale and selling quickly! The event should be lots of fun, with music, a silent auction, gourmet food, beers, and wines from local growers and makers! AND it is held in a gorgeous backyard vineyard!

Most importantly, the proceeds from the event go to support Assistance League’s programs helping local families in need. Their largest program Operation School Bell provides children, who otherwise would go without, new school clothes and supplies at the start of each school year.

I would love it if my local Cranky fans would come out and support this event! Go to the Assistance League’s website HERE to buy your tickets now!

Hello there Fall…

Posted by: Maggie

Well, it’s pretty much fall. I know it doesn’t officially start until the 22nd, but it’s September and Labor Day is over, so in my books it’s fall. Note my lovely new fall header. It’s pretty fantastic right?

So let’s talk fall. Fall is my favorite season. Okay, maybe not my favorite, but it’s definitely in my top 3 favorite seasons (I’m not much of a Spring person.) Really, I just love when the seasons change, so when a new season arrives it is always my favorite.

Fall is pretty amazing though. It is filled with wonderful feelings and memories. For me it is a season of beginnings, fresh starts.

As a kid, it meant new clothes and school supplies, seeing old friends again and the possibility of making new ones. It meant cold windy days, but warm afternoons under blankets with a good book.

As a teenager it meant plaid skirts, flannel, and hooded sweatshirts, it meant My So-Called Life reruns would begin and it meant long dark evenings just sitting in my car talking with friends.

In college it meant a new year of classes to choose, professors to meet, papers to write, new pens, notebooks, and textbooks to buy, all the things I loved.

Now, as an adult it means Eleanor starting real preschool (with HOMEWORK! we’ll talk about that soon!), high heeled boots, sweaters and jackets, lots of brown and gray and burgundy, it means so many different wonderful soups, and fall produce-squash and sweet potatoes, cool days and warm evenings of wine or hot chai tea, waking up when it’s still dark out, and the sun setting earlier and earlier.

Don’t you just love the fall? I’m so happy that it’s finally here!

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